We Are Sunshine

20 Years in Tanning

Monday, March 27th, 2023

Lisa Saavedra, Director of Brand Development, Devoted Creations

Twenty years ago, 17-year-old Lisa Parsons was working as a bed cleaner when a more experienced coworker called in sick. Lisa filled in as a salesperson, proceeded to totally dominate, and the rest is now history. “This is year 20th year in tanning, which is crazy because I’m 23,” Lisa jokes.

All grown up, married, and now known, as Lisa Saavedra, tanning has been central to her life ever since, and the tanning industry certainly wouldn’t be the same without her. On a more serious note, she says, “All my closest friends, everything I do is related to the people I know in tanning.”

In this Smart Tan exclusive interview, Lisa looks back on her early days in tanning and how the industry, the company, and the products they make have evolved since.

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