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3 Reasons Gift Card Sales Can Help Your Business Increase Revenue

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Are you challenged to Grow Profits in your Tanning Salon? Are you looking to find a new way to generate revenue?

Increasing revenue at your tanning salon doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when selling gift cards. Gift cards can be one of the most profitable items your business can market and are the most effective and easy way to increase revenue at your company.

Gift cards help your business increase revenue in three key ways; here’s how gift cards can increase revenue at your tanning salon:

  • Increasing the number of customers – Gift cards act as a referral to your business. Every time a customer gifts your gift cards to a loved one, it’s an opportunity that they will send a new customer your way, promoting growth.
  • Increasing the average transaction size – Gift cards are commonly placed by the cash register or pos, allowing customers to purchase them easily. Creating an impulse buy and standard practice for increasing transaction size.
  • Increasing the frequency of transactions per customer – Gift cards can also increase transactions per customer. Think about it: if a customer hasn’t used the card’s total value, they will be incentivized to come back to make another transaction until their card is completely redeemed.

If your tanning salon is looking for easy sale ideas, then adding gift cards to sell and promotions can help your tanning salon increase revenue.

Tan-Link Software can easily be configured to sell and redeem gift cards at your tanning salon. Tan-Link Software has partnered with Plastic Printers to create custom gift cards for your tanning salon. Using gift cards in Tan-Link is FREE, and there is no additional monthly fee to do so.

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