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5 Ways to Enhance Your Business with SmartSun Therapy

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

SmartSun Therapy is tailor-made for the tanning industry. Literally, the brand was created specifically for tanning businesses and it’s been working for tanning salon owners for several years. It’s the perfect service to accompany tanning services because the concept is so similar in nature – it helps clients look and feel better using light spectrums that come from the sun. But, at the same time, with the FDA-registered SmartSun Therapy SST28, there’s no risk of overexposure and no negative connotations, it provides a variety of results for clients of all demographics, and those clients who experience the results will want to use it year-around.

Here are some of the ways tanning businesses around the country are using SmartSun Therapy to enhance their overall success:

 Increase “All Inclusive” membership pricing and sales

SmartSun Therapy isn’t the type of service you just add to the mix of an all-inclusive EFT. It increases the value of that EFT enough to justify a higher cost. When adding SmartSun Therapy, the impact is significant enough that you can consider re-engineering your entire membership pricing or adding a new level that includes SmartSun Therapy on top of everything else. By comparing to the price of a standalone SmartSun Therapy membership, you can easily show them than the additional value they’re receiving is far greater than the difference in price.

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