We Are Sunshine

5th Annual Sunshine Month

Monday, May 3rd, 2021

Stay tuned throughout the month of May to learn all you need to know about the amazing benefits of sunshine for our health – and the world!

Life on earth is brought to you by…. Sunshine! And May is the month to celebrate all that the sun has to offer.

It is because of our perfect distance from the sun (known as the “Goldilocks Zone”) that Earth is able to sustain all life as it is. Any closer to the sun, and it would be too hot – any further away, too cold. It’s a simple explanation, yet the consequences are life-sustaining. Sunshine is what provides our planet with the ability to hold water, grow plants, and allow humans and other animals to thrive. Cultures and religions throughout history have acknowledged this concept of sunshine being central to all human life and existence, and eventually, our health.

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