We Are Sunshine

A Modern Approach to Product Marketing and Sales

Friday, December 30th, 2022

In examining your opportunities make 2023 as profitable as possible, one really stands out as virtually limitless: Increasing product sales. There’s realistically only so many tanning memberships and sessions you can sell. Only a percentage of women in your community tan, and a smaller portion of them do it in the early summer and fall. But, every woman purchases beauty, skin care, bath and body products, and most incorporate numerous products in their routines. So, until you’re selling every person in your area every product they use, there’s more room for growth. You just need to convince people to buy these products from you instead of where they already do. And, once you have access to someone, you have additional opportunities to sell them more.

All types of beauty, skin care sunless, bath and body products fit perfectly into the mold of your business, and there’s no reason not to embrace them to the fullest extent. Products specifically for tanning are naturally your bread and butter, but why sell someone one product when you can sell them two, or three, or four? And it’s not at all exploitative to make a concerted effort to sell your clients more. Most of them are already buying these types of products somewhere, and you can truly offer them better options at better prices.

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