We Are Sunshine

A New Decade, May We Continue to Prosper

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Wow, can you believe it’s almost 2020? Where did that decade go? What I can say for sure is that this was a pivotal year for the indoor sunshine industry across the world. Industry feedback in Canada suggests that Sunshine sales are on the rebound, and morale is at its highest level in a long time. So, what can we expect in 2020? – I hope, more of the same. The Salons that operate at a high level, maintaining JCTA professional Standards, can likely expect their uptick to continue. While salons that are still operating as if it were 20 years ago, can likely expect their struggles to continue. Sunshine Customers expect more nowadays. They expect a clean, organized, modern salons and they expect the staff to be able to answer all of their Tanning related inquires. If we live up to those expectations, our future looks bright.

As always, the JCTA would like to wish you a Happy and Healthy 2020. The tireless work of the JCTA board, led by Steve Gilroy remains an inspiration, and I can say wholeheartedly that I’m proud to be your JCTA President. We will continue working hard to ensure the Professional Sunshine Industry in Canada has a voice. More importantly, we’ll keep working hard to make sure that voice is heard loud and clear.

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Mat Rockey, JCTA President