We Are Sunshine

A New Way to Look at Your Business

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

By Scott Nichols, salon GM and consultant

If you are one of the few people that is glued to the news, you are brave! Depending on the day and even the hour, the news can give you some hope and more likely some anxiety. The news is in the business of gaining viewership. Viewership means more eyes watching, and more eyes watching means more money. Hey, if it “bleeds it leads,” and we are addicted to it! So, why am I bringing this up in a Smart Tan article? Many of us are looking at our tanning salons and think the only way we can survive is if good news happens. This leads to comments like, “if only the economy comes back,” “will all my employees come back?” and “the jobs report looks horrible.” This is putting some real fear in our heads.

This month’s article is going to be about three things: control what you can control, if you need to adapt to change then adapt to it, and finally, repeat!

The first thing to control is the information coming at you. News enters your head and has an impact on your thought process. I want you to limit the news that you are watching and focus that attention to helpful business information. You can do this through many podcast and business articles. I can’t stress to you enough how this can change your outlook of your business. Waking up in the morning with solutions to keep your business going strong versus waking up and watching a dismal newscast can and will be the difference you need. This is your first step for taking control.

The second thing to control is analyzing your business. Take a deep dive into your business and numbers.

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