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Adapting Leadership Styles for Optimal Team Management

Thursday, July 11th, 2024

In the course of a single day, a manager may use many different types or patterns of leadership. Let’s look at the most common styles used and when they are most effective.


This leadership style allows the supervisor to solicit information from those working around her or him. Employees become part of the decision-making process and opinions are respected. Authority is delegated as well as the power to enforce.

The ideal time for using a democratic leadership approach in the workplace is when:

  • Employees are knowledgeable, trusted, highly skilled and have experience.
  • Seeking to identify informal group leaders and build individual self-esteem.
  • Desiring to improve the group’s problem-solving abilities as a team.
  • You want to create an atmosphere where creative thinking is welcomed.
  • You want to consider a wide variety of concepts, ideas, and suggestions.

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