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AP Story Agrees with Smart Tan’s Sunscreen Recommendations

Monday, May 19th, 2008

The Associated Press this week published recommendations on sunlight and vitamin D that, for the first time, mirror recommendations published in Smart Tan’s Position Statement.

2008-05-19-coming-around-copy.jpg“For years, we’ve been told to use sunscreen. Shouldn’t we be worried about skin cancer?” The AP asked in a Question-and-Answer story on sunshine and vitamin D. The answer: “Sunscreen is advised for longer periods outdoors, to prevent skin cancer. Skin cancer is rarely fatal.
Melanoma, the deadliest kind, accounts for less than 2 percent of cancer deaths. The risks posed by other, more common cancers is far greater.”

The story appeared as part of a package of stories on a new study showing that women with low vitamin D levels are at greater risk for breast cancer. That story was well-timed during Smart Tan’s “D-Feat Breast Cancer” campaign, a promotion currently running in more than 860 tanning facilities in the United States and Canada to raise money for vitamin D-breast cancer research and promotion.

Click here to read the full AP story.

Smart Tan’s Position statement appears on Smart Tan’s consumer web site,