We Are Sunshine

Appealing to the Senses

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

By Scott Nichols, salon GM and consultant

Sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste – five of the most common senses. Senses are used to feed our minds with information and that information helps us make everyday decisions. If these senses can help create decisions, can we use the customer’s senses to help guide them in their decision-making?

This is sounding kind of Sci-Fi, isn’t it? But what if it’s not? What if we could use senses to help create a better experience for someone? Or better yet, can these senses help us retain customers and increase the ability for them to spend more money? If you’re still not with me on this, it’s okay, but it’s happening all around us. Why do lotions smell so good? A smell doesn’t make a lotion any better or worse, but it does put a customer in an emotional buying state.

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