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Are Professional Tanning Businesses Attracting An Older Client Base?

Friday, February 15th, 2008

An oft-repeated predisposition about the professional indoor tanning business is that it caters to a young clientele and that the older, mature audience stays away. But that may be changing.

A February poll of tanning businesses showed that 88 percent of tanning businesses report that their 40-and-older client base has increased in raw numbers in the past two years. While the poll is not scientific, it’s highly directional findings cannot be ignored.

2008-02-15-older-customers-copy.jpg“It makes perfect sense,” International Smart Tan Network Chairman Matt D. Russell said. “The tanning business is becoming more and more professional. We know that professionalism-related standards have always been the number one factor in retaining clients 35 and older in tanning today.”

There is no question that the emergence of vitamin D science in the past two years – research vindicating the indoor tanning community’s long-held position that moderate UV exposure is natural and necessary for people who can develop tans – has made indoor tanning a smarter choice in the minds of many in the 40-and-over crowd. They are certainly in the position to see that a sensible, moderate, smart approach to embracing sunlight makes sense as a practical part of a responsible lifestyle.

“The science has come around to support us, and tanning facilities themselves are more and more professional – both of which make tanning in an non-burning fashion more attractive for the 40-and-over crowd,” Russell said.

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