We Are Sunshine

ASA Defeats Under-21 Bills Again in 2022

Friday, June 10th, 2022

The American Suntanning Association came out on the winning side or is on track to win in 11 state legislative issues in 2022 without a defeat, continuing ASA’s efforts to use science to convince legislators that our approach to sunburn prevention and parental consent for tanners is the best way to address sun care issues.

ASA is now 25-0 in the past two years in state house issues and 41-1 in the past three years.

“We have blazed a common approach of putting real-world sun care in constructive, scientifically supported terms,” says ASA Director of Scientific Affairs Joseph Levy, whose responsibilities include managing state advocacy efforts for the association. Since 2015, ASA has convinced state legislatures 120 times that our positions make sense – continuing to win when we have the opportunity to lay out the unintended consequences of anti-sun legislation.

“We can demonstrate that our position is solid scientifically,” said Levy, who has now traveled to 43 different state capitols on behalf of ASA and ASA partners.

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