We Are Sunshine

ASA Government Relations Efforts Succeeding

Tuesday, December 19th, 2023

The American Suntanning Association is staying ahead of attempts to over-regulate professional indoor tanning facilities at the state and federal level in 2023.

Efforts to keep under-21-year-old clients from using sunbeds in professional salons have been introduced in New York state, with anti-sun groups in California looking at the same. An under-18 bill in Ohio has been reintroduced once again as well, while other states continue to look at finding ways to restrict access to professional salons.

ASA has worked to stop any of that from moving, with victories in the book or paths to victory still in play in all of our efforts this year.

And, more than ever, ASA’s promotion and defense of the market with policymakers is founded in constructive dialogue that positions tanning professionals as part of the solution in real-world sun care.

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