We Are Sunshine

ASA State Lobbying Program Successful in 2021

Thursday, June 17th, 2021

With legislative attempts in two states calling for under-21 sunbed bans this spring, the American Suntanning Association adapted its state advocacy program to Zoom meetings, phone calls and a handful of remote hearings to fend off a new category of over-regulation.

The efforts have been successful.

In California, ASA worked with counsel to keep an under-21 bill from finding an author, despite attempts by state dermatology groups to get it introduced. In New York state, ASA and counsel continue to work to keep an under-21 bill from gaining traction.

New York, Sen. James Skoufis – who in 2020 introduced the nation’s first under-21 bill for actual consideration – this year attempted to tie his re-introduced bill into state budget bills early in the 2021 session. ASA Director of Scientific Affairs Joseph Levy worked with ASA counsel in New York to successfully block that effort.

“This has our full attention,” Levy said. “We have committed resources to not only fight this, but to make sure leaders in the New York legislature fully understand why this bill would be a mistake.”

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