We Are Sunshine

ASA State Regulatory Program Has 103 victories in 7 years

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

State regulatory advocacy – a key cornerstone of the American Suntanning Association’s efforts to promote responsible sunbed usage in professional salons – will face new challenges in 2020.

Efforts to restrict UV tanning in salons for clients under age 18 and efforts to add redundant and expensive licensing and inspection programs – including promulgation of bureaucracy-heavy regulatory regimes – continue to be the most common topics of indoor tanning legislation in state houses.

Since 2013, ASA has led in 103 separate state legislative victories, with a common approach of putting the industry’s positions in constructive, scientifically supported terms. That positive approach has paid dividends. Since 2015, ASA has convinced state legislatures 79 times that our positions make sense – continuing to win when we have the opportunity to lay out the unintended consequences of anti-salon legislation.

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