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Be The Whole Package as a Leader

Friday, May 1st, 2020

By Ashley Laabs

As different business models emerge, the concept of leadership is becoming more abstract than ever. It is a quality that everyone seems to have, but few can actually demonstrate through their actions. Even as the workplace adapts to this evolution, certain pillars remain to indicate which leaders have the potential to break ahead of the pack.

Best Foot Forward

When it comes to being a leader, compartmentalizing just doesn’t produce the best results. The truth is that we’re all human, and our personal lives translate to our performance in the workplace. The most successful business owners and managers know that success can begin with elementary things like eating right, sleeping well and keeping active. These physiological needs provide the foundation for everything else we do. Keeping your body and mind healthy help you think, focus and stay in a better mood – things that every leader need!

But being a great leader also relies on a multi-dimensional person. Remember the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? If you don’t have a life outside your salon, it’s easy to get your priorities out of whack and get stuck in a rut. Allow yourself the necessary personal time to enjoy the beautiful and fun parts of your life. It will undoubtedly inspire you to make your business better in unexpected ways.

Listen and Learn

Of course, leadership in a service-based industry relies heavily on being a “people person,” but it’s important to know how it can make your business better and your team stronger. The first and most important element is a genuine appreciation for the value of all different types of people. If you don’t take the time to understand the strengths someone brings to the table, you may end up totally underestimating what they are capable of or where they work best. Learning how to find value in other people is the first step in creating mutually beneficial relationships.

Another important part of working well with others involves nurturing those relationships. Instead of telling people what to do and communicating only when they’re doing it wrong, great leaders help their subordinates thrive by participating in the conversation. Actively listening to questions, concerns and complaints can bring deeper issues to light. Likewise, those who are skilled in the art of giving constructive criticism can cultivate an excellent team without regularly wounding egos.

The Choosers

As the tanning market has matured, is has taken on a very different shape than in its heyday 20 years ago. Time and time again, we see that confident, decisive leaders are the ones who can keep their businesses on the cutting edge. Wishy-washy or inactive business owners who stay safely on the shore of potential miss the opportunity to ride the wave of success. So many tanning salon owners invest everything they’ve got into the business, but they fall victim to analysis paralysis.

Education is essential, but great leaders know when it’s time to stop gathering knowledge and start making decisions. They’re not always fun, easy or even popular, but decisions propel your business towards your goals. If you start to flounder, find your confidence. If you’re not confident, find an expert on the matter to offer reassurance. Indecision is not an option.

Fast Forward

Lastly, today’s greatest leaders are thinking of tomorrow. In a visionary sense, it’s important to keep your sights set on the future and anticipate ways of creating or participating in it. In a more practical sense, industry knowledge keeps business owners and managers abreast of trends and changes that may have a ripple effect on their business. It’s great to be active in your business, but it takes true excellence to interpret industry news and proactively evaluate your business.

Being proactive requires the ability to forecast the problems you may have to dodge and the positive situations that can bring you extra revenue or good press. Unless you’re plugged in to the business community, it can be hard – if not impossible – to make the right move.