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Bye-Bye Usernames and Passwords

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

IT experts have told us for years not to use the same username and password for multiple sites – like our Facebook Pages, personal banking sites, work logins, etc. – to ensure hackers cannot access all of our information. But we access so many different websites on a daily basis that remembering all of our usernames and passwords can be tedious. Steve Kirsch, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, believes he’s found the answer to our login prayers with OneID.

According to the article “Say Goodbye to User Name and Password Logins, and Hello to ‘OneID’” on, “OneID uses a combination of advanced asymmetric cryptography that works to identify a user through multiple electronic devices including computer, cell phone and tablet device. The devices work together to keep a user’s private information protected.”

In Kitsch’s words, “The problem with current digital protection methods…is that people are sharing their secrets and those secrets are being centrally stored. On a daily basis, Internet users share highly private information including their real identities, user names, passwords and credit card information.”

Using OneID makes paying online for items simple and safe because users won’t have to enter credit card numbers repeatedly: all data is encrypted, not stored like on other electronic payment sites. That means hackers will only be able to access a bunch of useless numbers and not your personal account information.

While OneID is still in the testing stages, Kitsch hopes this will replace the old username and password set-up so many of us are used to.

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