We Are Sunshine

Changing the Debate

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Building on the success of the half-day, pre-conference Vitamin D Foundation Scientific Symposium at Smart Tan Downtown in October 2011, we’re putting together a program this year to fully connect the dots on the UV-vitamin D conundrum. The vitamin D research and the physics of UV exposure all add up now to substantiate the case that so many of us have known for years. So, we’re going to support the case in a way that’s never been done at a conference before.

The fundamental bottom line: UV exposure, at the levels we provide to an average client, fits within the realm of “natural and intended.” We can prove it now. And we will document it at this conference for the first time.

How can it be any more obvious? At a time when just about every vitamin D researcher worldwide knows that UV exposure is the most abundant and natural source of vitamin D, vitamin D levels are on the decline worldwide, leading to epidemic levels of vitamin D deficiency. At the same time, dermatology leaders worldwide seem to be coordinating their efforts to insist that nature was wrong.

On Oct. 19 in Nashville, we’ll counter that rhetoric with facts. And we’ve assembled an expert team to lay it out in a way that you can share in your own communities.

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