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Cleanliness is the Top Concern for Tanning Clients

Friday, October 9th, 2020

Even before COVID-19, cleanliness was the No. 1 factor clients looked for when choosing a tanning business to frequent. Of course, that’s only magnified now.

Your salon spends time, money, and effort attracting and keeping good customers, but you could lose them in a second with just one slip up on cleaning duties. And even worse than losing a valued client is the negative word of mouth that it could spur in your community.

Surveys show that cleanliness is the number one concern for tanning customers. In such an intimate environment, everything must be pristine. Just the slightest hint of a lack of attention to cleaning could turn a client off, and once that happens you’ll never get them back.

Most importantly of course, equipment and utensils must be properly sanitized to ensure health and safety, but you also must concern yourself with the perception of cleanliness – which includes sight, smell, touch, and even hearing. That means it’s not only the tanning rooms you have to worry about, but the lobby, bathrooms, entryway, and even the parking lot. And something as seemingly minor and easily forgotten as dust on a vent could make a customer imagine that everything they touch in your salon is just as dirty.

As professional indoor tanning business owners and operators, you’ve got to take a step back from your own perspective, and use your “customer eyes,” seeing the salon as a client who isn’t there everyday would.

New hires obviously need to be thoroughly trained on cleaning procedures, but when attention to detail is crucial, it’s also beneficial to frequently remind long-term employees that they can’t ever take their cleaning duties for granted.

Smart Tan’s Salon Sanitation training is now included in the UV Tanning Certification. It is a must for new hires, and also a good idea if you think your current employees may need a reminder of the significance of cleaning jobs that may seem redundant to them. This part of the training details the proper and safe sanitization of equipment and utensils, as well as the other things you need to do to make sure that every part of your business looks, smells, feels, and sounds clean!

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