We Are Sunshine

Take Control of Your Success

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

By Ashley Laabs

You can be successful no matter what. Have you ever told yourself that? It’s true! If you stop letting the uncontrollable control you, your business can continue to grow and thrive.

No one can deny that the tanning industry has some obstacles to overcome. Negative media, taxation and legislation are changing the way salon owners approach their business, but in the process, many entrepreneurs have let these challenges get in the way of their salon’s true potential. It takes a little introspection and tough love to see, but the secret behind those feelings of dissatisfaction is that salon owners are getting in their own way.

You may not be able to control what legislation passes in your state, but you can control your relationship with individual politicians to ensure they vote with your interests in mind. You may not be able to control the economy, but you can find new ways to offer value without slashing prices. You may not be able to control the seasonality of your business, but you can implement a strong EFT system so you have steady revenue year round. If you focus on the aspects of your business that you have control over, you can be successful despite those other challenges.

So many salon owners are bursting with creative, fun and practical solutions for their business, but they give in to what author Mel Robbins calls the “inner snooze button.” Those moneymaking ideas get pushed off for this reason or that, and business owners go back to the status quo.

Quit hitting the snooze button and do those tasks you know can help your business thrive. Try a new vendor or negotiate with your current one, get involved with a community event, or analyze that stack of reports on how your business is doing. Those first few moments may feel unpleasant, but you know you won’t regret it once you see big savings and a line of new customers.

When you know that your business isn’t what you’d like it to be, it’s time to stop convincing yourself that your business is “fine” just the way it is. Getting what you want is simple, but it’s never easy. Implement those amazing ideas, try something new, and get rid of the dead weight. Instead of letting business decline because you are hesitant about taking action, wouldn’t it be incredible to see it flourish because you acted on the impulse to change and grow?

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that you just don’t have the time to take on these tasks, but you will never have more time than now! Why spend one more second procrastinating on success and wealth?

Here’s some homework: Sit down with a notebook and make a list of things that you want for your business. Keep it somewhere you’ll see it. Now do it!

It might sound too simple, but no piece of legislation directly prohibits you from making money. Negative media doesn’t physically take money out of the register. You still have the opportunity to be profitable and do what you love, so why not squeeze every ounce out of the opportunity?