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Conversation Starter

Friday, January 12th, 2024

In most cases, listening to people talk about their problems isn’t something we look forward to. We all have them – problems at work, problems at home, problems with money, health problems…the list goes on. But if you’re a tanning business owner who has a SmartSun Therapy SST28, people’s problems are exactly what you want to hear about. While you probably can’t save their marriage or make their groceries less expensive, you can profit handsomely from helping your customers with any number of physical conditions.

Since investing in a SmartSun Therapy SST28, the physical problems customers are dealing with has become a regular topic of conversation at Tropical Tan & Wellness, and owner Ron Haskett is happy to hear all about it.

“It’s amazing how you start a conversation about the potential of that device and where the conversations go with people and their ailments and a lot of problems people have,” Haskett says.

“There was one lady doing it for her skin. She noticed huge results. She had a blemish on her skin, and after a couple sessions, it was gone. She was talking about it, and there were two other clients standing at the counter when she said that. One of them chimed in that she just had a hip surgery, so it turned into a conversation about that and how it will benefit her. I just had a surgery on my back so I could share my experience as well. I used SmartSun Therapy five days a week for three weeks, and I’m really excited to see how minimal the scar is once it’s fully healed. It just opens up the doors for communication and more sales.”

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