We Are Sunshine

Cornerstone of Success

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

After more than two decades in operation, The Midas Touch achieved a remarkable milestone in 2023, celebrating its most profitable year to date. And, thus far in 2024, the Emporia, Kansas, salon is on pace to surpass last year’s numbers. Investments in hybrid tanning equipment and wellness diversification have been central to The Midas Touch’s surge, and the recent introduction of the SmartSun Therapy SST28 has perhaps been the most impactful addition of all.

Since introducing the SST28 in November 2023, it’s the salon’s most used piece of wellness equipment, and second only to their newest hybrid tanning unit in overall usage. “We book appointments on spa services, and every day it has the most appointments,” manager Amy Ringler says.

While most businesses opt to sell SmartSun Therapy via sessions, packages, or membership upgrades, thus maximizing the direct financial impact of the valuable service, The Midas Touch has chosen to incorporate it in their top-tier all-inclusive Ambassador’s Club membership. Ringler acknowledges that they might be leaving some money on the table, but the strategy is geared to prioritize long-term stability over short-term profits. Integrating the service with the rest of their offerings has maximized exposure to the SST28’s stunning results and further established their top-level membership as too good to pass up or give up. With this approach, SmartSun Therapy has become a cornerstone of success for the business as a whole.

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