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‘D’ is the new ‘C’

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Sales of vitamin D supplements have now surpassed sales of vitamin C supplements according to a Canadian vitamin D manufacturer — further evidence that the public is waking up to the fact that vitamin D has been neglected.2010-01-19 D is new C copyNow if only people would figure out that vitamin D’s intended source is sun exposure.

“Vitamin D used to be the Rodney Dangerfield of vitamins – often overlooked and certainly neglected by consumers,” Toronto Globe & Mail health writer Martin Middlestadt wrote in a column last week. “But these days, with the sunshine vitamin hyped for everything from reducing the risk of cancer to boosting the immune system against the flu, Canadians are becoming a nation of vitamin D-poppers. The nutrient is flying off pharmacy shelves in amounts that are astonishing players in the nutritional supplement business.”

According to Middlestadt, “Jamieson Laboratories, Canada’s largest supplement maker, says its vitamin D sales eclipsed those of vitamin C for the first time ever last month, capping a year of huge growth for the product.”

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