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‘D’ Linked To Melanoma Reduction

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Another study is showing that ‘the sunshine vitamin’ — already linked to risk reduction for heart disease, autoimmune disorders and most forms of cancer — may play a role in melanoma risk reduction. A Stanford University study has shown that vitamin D and calcium supplements — in women who were at-risk for melanoma — cut their melanoma risk in half., in conjunction with U.S. News & World Report, covered the study. Lead author Dr. Jean Tang wants further research into the explanation for the connection, but HealthDay spoke to vitamin D expert Dr. Michael Holick, the Boston University professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics who is at the forefront of vitamin D research world-wide. According to HealthDay, Holick said a lot of sun exposure early in life increases the risk for non-melanoma skin cancer, but may actually lower the risk of developing melanoma. Sunlight is a source of vitamin D.

“Melanoma is a different story. Being exposed to sunlight, making some vitamin D may very well be protective of melanoma,” Holick said in the HealthDay story. “The thinking is, improving your vitamin D status, whether by supplements or by exposure to sunlight, you are providing your skin cells with a mechanism to prevent them from becoming malignant.”

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