We Are Sunshine

Different Times Call for Different Measures

Friday, August 14th, 2020

By Scott Nichols

This year has definitely been different than anything we have seen before. A lot of us are hanging on to any news that may develop and trying to put any spin on it…a spin that might give more hope to our business and industry. Covid-19 has cancelled many weddings, music festivals, sporting events and much more – mainly any reason for a customer to tan! Well, at least that might be what it feels like. But, there is good news. I’m excited about the number of customers who are still tanning. Most are looking for some normalcy in a hectic world right now. A 10-minute tan does have some magic.

As stated above, many events have been cancelled, meaning weekends are looking a lot different. Most tanning salons tend to see business pick up towards the end of the week as customers are looking for that boost of color before the weekend. But, now their weekends look different and that means we need to do things differently ourselves as well.

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