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Doctor: Get 20 minutes of daily sun

Friday, June 18th, 2010

2010-06-18 Quote of the Week - 20 minutes copy“I think it’s important we all try to get 20 minutes of unprotected sun-to-skin exposure every day. This is essential for meeting our most basic needs for Vitamin D. Once this is taken care of, I recommend both physical protection; i.e., hats, clothing and umbrellas, as well as chemical protection, sunscreens. However, it must be mentioned that many sunscreens on the market today have come under fire not only due to inaccurate labeling — a product states it has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 50 and it’s actually a 4 — but many have been found to contain a host of controversial chemicals that include potential carcinogens, cancer promoters, free radical generators, and hormone disruptors. In addition, the use of sunscreen is known to reduce the production of Vitamin D in the body.”

— Dr. Keith I. Block, MD, in his column, “Sun Safety 2010: The Truth About Sunscreens” published June 17 on healthy lifestyle web site To read his entire column click here.