We Are Sunshine

Dr. John Cannell sets the record straight on ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

MAY 5, 2009 — “If one regularly avoids sunlight exposure, research indicates a necessity to supplement with at least 5,000 units (IU) of vitamin D daily. To obtain this amount from milk one would need to consume 50 glasses. With a multivitamin more than 10 tablets would be necessary. Neither is advisable.”

2009-05-05-milk-tanningnews-copy.jpg— Vitamin D Council founder Dr. John Cannell, explaining why sunshine is the true source of vitamin D and is not replicated in sufficient levels by dietary sources or in over-the-counter supplements. Cannell is one of several presenters with brand new at Smart Tan’s 2009 Convention, “Smart Tan Downtown” Oct. 9-11 in Downtown Nashville. More information on the event is coming soon on and in Tanning Trends magazine.

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