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Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

KBL K7S hybridSun from Tanning Supplies Unlimited

Don’t be afraid to fit in…the new K-Series by KBL isn’t just an absolute eye-catcher but is designed to pack trend-setting details and features into a more manageable footprint. This contemporary yet futureproof design philosophy elevates the series’ using a visionary form and lighting language. Shaped and established by the pen of the designer ‘Etienne Salomé’, known for his work for Bugatti Automobiles, the K-Series focuses on perfect elegance, sharpness, and its endless possibilities.

The K7S hybridSun’s SunSphere system offers a consistently high LED output, makes high pressure bulb changes unnecessary, and drastically reduces your power consumption. While incorporating all the best of KBL’s innovative technology, the K7S hybridSun’s space-saving design makes it practical to implement visually stunning and technologically advanced units throughout various levels of tanning that you offer. This changes the possibilities for tanning businesses moving forward. There’s never been an opportunity to make so much money in so little space.