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Era of Innovation: Surge in new equipment technology will continue to revolutionize the tanning experience and industry

Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

The future of tanning is in good hands.

With an ownership group committed to the long-term success of the tanning industry, the creators of the world’s premier tanning equipment are poised to continue producing innovative technology that transforms the tanning experience and creates new possibilities for tanning businesses.

Throughout 2022, Smart Tan Magazine reported monthly on the “Evolution of Tanning” – an equipment-centric look at how the U.S. tanning industry progressed to its current state. In a nutshell, after years of minimal equipment innovation, a surge of new technology has fundamentally changed the tanning experience. With so much progress in so little time, it seems appropriate to say we’re in the midst of the “Era of Innovation” in tanning.

Salons today can generate unprecedented revenue with high-end equipment like the flagship KBL P9S and KBL K Series models that enable businesses to offer state-of-the-art features, performance and design at multiple levels of tanning. Now, even though some of the latest units with groundbreaking technology and design are just starting to arrive in U.S. salons, the next generation of tanning equipment is already well on its way.

As we detailed throughout 2022, German sunbed manufacturer KBL has played a vital role in advancing the U.S. tanning industry to where it is today. It’s no coincidence that once leadership changes were in place at KBL, the evolution of tanning equipment accelerated. But in KBL in its current form, under the ownership of Deutsche Industrie-Holding (DIH) and leadership of Jens-Uwe Reimers and Hans-Jürgen Kreitz, is still just getting started. And so is the Era of Innovation.

The proven track records of the two KBL industry visionaries and the unwavering financial and operational support of DIH make it clear that technological innovation in tanning equipment will continue to surge for the foreseeable future. The glimpses of the future we’ve already seen serve to confirm that.

“With the pace of the introductions of the P9, the P9S, the different K-Series models and especially the K11 Air, KBL has demonstrated that it is fully committed to providing tanning operators with cutting edge equipment and spectral concepts allowing them to take the tanning business to the next level,” says KBL Managing Director, Kreitz.

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