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Experience Comes in Handy

Friday, August 30th, 2019

Bruce Williams, Vice President of Technical Service, PC Tan

 Even if you have a resident “handyman” in your tanning business, a little extra experience and expertise can certainly come in handy when it comes to your most valuable equipment. With more than 35 years experience working with multiple generations of equipment, PC Tan Vice President of Technical Service Bruce Williams can use his world-class understanding to help teach salons the ins and outs of both new and old equipment, and diagnose issues that would leave others clueless. In this Smart Tan exclusive interview, he details how he and the PC Tan team provide optimal ongoing service for their partner salons.

Q: Why have you become so passionate about indoor tanning equipment?

I was around the early days of tanning growth and it was a fun business. I started doing quality control with equipment coming from Germany. We would get it in and open it up and quality control wring and lamps, test timers and pack them up. That’s where I started I leered the equipment from quality control. When it didn’t work, we would troubleshoot and service.

From there, I worked my way up to installation, and I would go out and install the equipment and train salon owners how to use it. I did that a dew years and worked up to service tech, repairing equipment. As the years progressed and the equipment got more sophisticated, there was always something to learn, so it stayed fascinating and exciting. It turned into a career, where it started as a part time thing. I definitely grew a passion for it.

From there, [PC Tan CEO] Susan [Miller] opened her business in ’86 and I’ve been with her from then onward. It’s gratifying work because the service side can easily turn into the complaint side, but the part I enjoy is we have the ability to turn that into a good thing. With our experience, we can help a salon out, and we have the ability to correct the bad part over the telephone typically. We can turn a bad situation into a good situation, and that’s enjoyable everyday.

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