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Free Means FREE!

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

By Alyssa Hilliard, Sunless Inc.

Many salons use “Free” Spray Days to attract new customers to their salons or give an opportunity to sunbed customers to try spray tanning. We all know that spray tanning has a reputation that it can be a risky venture. New spray customers have anxiety and are afraid they will turn orange, smell or be streaky. So, Free Spray Days are great events for potential new customers to be able to try spray without risking the dollars in their pocket. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy something that’s FREE!

Many new customers are nervous and feel they are taking a risk as to what they will look like for a week with a spray tan. Half the battle is getting someone who has not sprayed to try the booth, because the results speak for themselves. The results are amazing and naysayers are turned into believers.

Then why take this opportunity to make another $20 and not gain a new customer that could become an EFT member? Free spray trial days are a great way to get people interested in something and try it with no risk. However, we’ve seen time and time again that there’s an * next to FREE because it’s not really free.

The potential new customer, who is excited about this offer, is about to get hit with charges for wanting to try a darker level, with add-ons of skin care options such as Moisturizer in VersaSpa or wanting to tan by adding in Mystic Tan Myxers. Plus, there are additional charges for sticky feet and hairnets. In the end they shell out $10, $20 or more for their “free” spray tan.

What feeling does that leave them after their visit to your salon?

  1. They will not spray more than a couple times a year because if a free spray tan costs $20, how much does a normal spray tan cost?
  2. Not trusting your salon because they feel they are going to be taken to the bank in the future

Goals for a free spray day:

  • For customers to feel welcome in your salon
  • For more people to want to spray tan
  • To get more customers
  • For the new customer to trust they are getting a good deal

Many people love the spray tan but not the costs associated with it. They would add this to their beauty regimen, like pedicures, but cannot afford to do so.

Tips for a successful FREE spray day

  • Remember, free means just that, free
  • Let the customer try all of the add-ons and tan at any level – for free
  • Let the customer have sticky feet, nose filters, hair nets, etc. – for free

The biggest take-a-way from offering Free Spray Days is that you’re wanting new customers, not $20 on a Monday that you wouldn’t normally get. Remember, the goal is “More Tanners and More Tans!”