We Are Sunshine

From Industry Pioneer to Community Pillar

Friday, March 15th, 2019

“For relaxation or vacation, we’re your fun in the sun. Escape today and you’ll say I look TANfastic” has been jingling in the ears of Pennsylvania communities for decades.

While the jingle is still used today in TANfastic Suntan Centers’ frequent radio ads, so much else has changed since Lisa and Daron Janicki opened their first location more than 30 years ago. This entrepreneurial couple blazed a path by jumping into the industry with their adventurous spirit, business smarts, and of course their love for tanning.

Their ability to adjust to all the twists and turns the industry has experienced has really paid off. Over the years, they’ve sculpted a business and life they consider to be a pure dream. This fierce yet friendly couple has been able to keep things running and growing with a hands-on, hands-off approach, thanks to years of working in the salons, an extraordinary general manager, and a fantastic team behind them.

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