We Are Sunshine

Front & Center

Tuesday, June 4th, 2024

After introducing the SmartSun Therapy SST28 last spring, Fantastic Tan in New Castle, PA, recently underwent a dramatic aesthetic transformation centered around their commitment to their cutting-edge wellness technology, updating their lobby and adding a new room for the SST28 with elegant marble accents.

“We added the room up front specifically for the SST. Just putting it up front has created way more traffic in it which is what I always wanted,” says Fantastic Tan’s Maria Gerello.

“My thought process was always to have it up in the front. I wanted to make sure it was a nice, clean room. I want it to feel classy. I made the marble walls and made everything clean and high-end so they knew they were getting a good, high-end service. As soon as I got it moved up in the front, it got a whole other crowd trying it.”

While it wasn’t part of her original plan, Maria has also noticed another ancillary benefit of moving the SST28 to the front of the salon. Having an eye on the room from the front desk helps them efficiently transition clients who follow up a SmartSun Therapy session with tanning to their next session.

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