We Are Sunshine

Get What You Give

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Tanning Oasis is all about offering “more.” More value and more options stand out as the factors that drive the business, but when you dig a little deeper, providing more for their clients and employees in terms of compassion and generosity is equally as important to their success. Owners Brian and Bernice Moser are real-life examples of the legitimacy of the numerous clichés about “treating people the way you want to be treated” or “getting out what you put in.”

Previous experience in retail, merchandising and marketing gave Brian many of the tools that have helped the business succeed since he and his wife purchased the business in 2005. And, some additional consulting when he entered the industry ingrained in Brian the priceless lesson that you can charge more than the competition if you offer more value.

Beyond offering more value, the Mosers have embraced what they call “the plus factor,” and have excelled at incorporating other services into and around the tanning business. By offering more options, cross marketing them and being able to offer discounts and free trials between the businesses, the Mosers have built a competitive advantage that is impossible for any other businesses to challenge.

When you offer more, you stand to get more.

That’s true with the way you treat people, too. The Mosers combine Brian’s practical experience with a commitment to “being crazy passionate” about their clients and employees. Whether it comes naturally, like it seems to with the Mosers, or it’s just a smart business practice, when you treat people well, they’ll tend to respond with loyalty and generosity of their own.

“You have to have love in your heart for people,” Brian says. “You have to love people and want to serve and give and help. Then, people will feel loved and love the person helping them.”

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