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Good vs. Perfect

Friday, March 9th, 2012

For all the perfectionists out there, it’ll be hard to hear that, for the most part, good actually beats perfect. Why is that? According to, a business consultation group, focusing too much on being perfect could drain a lot of energy and profits from your business.

Here are five reasons why thinks good tops perfect:

1. Good is quick out of the gate. Perfect debates whether this gate, or that one over there, is the best gate from which to proceed.

2. You probably can’t afford Perfect. But with a savvy mixture of your cash on hand, some pocket lint, and your own creativity (or your talent for inspiring it in others), Good is within reach.

3. Perfect is an egotist. Good is a collaborator. Perfect is an old school, round-world, command-and-controller. Good is a progressive, flat-world, plays-well-with-others hipster.

4. Good is motion. Perfect is an obsession. Good feels like a hike or a trip to the gym. It’s got a beginning and an end. It makes you sweat. And when you’re done with Good, you feel it (Good). Perfect is like a Scottish poet, locked in a seaside cabin, curtains drawn, brooding for weeks over the next couplet.

5. Good finishes on schedule, or early, and doesn’t expect kudos. Perfect always takes extra time, without asking for it. And if you object, Perfect will lecture you, gazing into the distance, with trite zingers like “time takes time,” or “you can’t rush (me),” or this little gem, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

Now for all the perfectionists out there, here’s the good news: If you’re not at least trying to be perfect, good will eventually become mediocre and blasé. “Perfect, for all its faults, wants to get it right…Perfect is willing to consider all the angles. Perfect doesn’t trust quick fixes. Perfect is all about adding value over the long-term. Perfect has calculated the cost (to the penny!) of what happens when Good ends up being Not Good, because Good phoned it in, half-assed it, or took a short-cut.”

Bottom line: Don’t focus too much on making your salon perfect, but don’t think that just because you’re salon is good that it can’t be better. Try to find that happy medium we’re all striving for.

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