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Gym, Tan, Red Light? Red and Near-Infrared Light Enhances Muscle Performance and Recovery

Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

The laundry can wait. It seems the new routine for fitness and self-care fanatics and should definitely be Gym, Tan, Red Light Therapy. Along with improving skin condition, enhancing tanning and much more, the combination of red and near-infrared light can speed up exercise recovery, enhance muscle gain, improve circulation, performance, strength, and endurance.

We recently introduced the new SmartSun Therapy red light operator training, a free resource for all Smart Tan members and non-members. Much like Smart Tan’s UV Tanning certification program, this video presentation aims to provide a detailed yet consumer-friendly look at the scientific side of the service. It’s important to know why and how your equipment provides the results it does. While the program focuses on some of the specific features of the SmartSun Therapy SST28 red and near-infrared device, the biological information is applicable to the effects that other red light therapy equipment is intended to provide.

If you haven’t yet reviewed the training, here’s an overview of the training chapter on red and near-infrared lights impacts on muscle recovery and performance:

Many athletes who use red and near-infrared light therapy before or after workouts experience less muscle soreness, faster post-workout recovery and better muscle tone. There’s a good explanation for that.

As mentioned in other chapters, red and near-infrared light can reach deep into muscle and tissue, stimulating the mitochondria of various cells which in turn produce ATP energy. The newly energized cells result in optimal cell function, cell repair, and cell regeneration.

Muscle tissue is very responsive to red and near-infrared light because there are more mitochondria in muscles than almost any other tissue or organ in the human body. With so much mitochondria packed into muscle cells, we can understand just how important it is to keep these cells functioning at their optimal capacity.

The muscles are packed with mitochondria because ATP is needed for every muscle twitch and movement, no matter how insignificant. Enhanced ATP production optimizes cellular repair mechanisms which enhances muscle strength and endurance, helps prevent muscle fatigue, promotes faster recovery, and keeps muscles and their connective tissues, healthy and strong.

Red and near-infrared light energy stimulates collagen production in our skin, providing skin care and anti-aging benefits. Collagen also strengthens and supports muscle and connective tissue, including cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones. Deep penetrating red and near-infrared light optimizes collagen production in these areas, helping to prevent and repair damage in muscles and muscle tissue.

Red and near-infrared light also helps cells produce antioxidants, which prevent oxidative stress and damage to the muscle tissue. It also helps reduce inflammation that can lead to cellular damage and fatigue in the muscle tissue.

Red and near-infrared light therapy also increases blood flow, helping the mitochondria in muscle cells complete their respiration cycle more efficiently, which reduces muscle fatigue and helps build healthy muscle tissue. Muscle soreness often occurs when cellular waste accumulates in the muscle cells and causes inflammation. Improved blood flow to and from your muscles helps carry that waste away reducing muscle inflammation and soreness.

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