We Are Sunshine

HEADLINE STORY: Another vitamin D benefit: Could it protect against H1N1 Flu Virus?

Monday, September 21st, 2009

There is a growing school of thought that natural vitamin D levels — levels of the sunshine vitamin found in those who get regular sun exposure — are connected with a significant reduction in risk of Swine Flu, according to accounts from physicians.

2009-09-21-d-for-swine-flu-copy.jpg“I share an office with another family physician. I aggressively measure and replete vitamin D. He does not. He is seeing one to 10 cases per week of influenza-like illness. In my practice: I have had zero cases. My patients are universally on 2000–5000 IU to maintain serum levels 50–80 ng/ml,” Dr. Ellie Campbell, a family physician in Georgia, wrote in a recent letter published by the independent Vitamin D Council on the group’s web site this month.

Dr. John Cannell, founder of the group, wrote, “That’s good news. Now, if we just had a way for the CDC and the NIH to pay attention. Critics say we should not recommend vitamin D to prevent influenza until it is proven to do so (It has not been). The critics are thus saying, although they seem not to know it, you should be vitamin D deficient this winter until science proves being vitamin D sufficient is better than being Vitamin D deficient. Such advice is clearly unethical and has never ever been the standard of care.”

2009-09-21-dr-cannell.jpgCannell continued, “This is not rocket science. If I am wrong, and Vitamin D does not prevent influenza, what is lost? A few dollars. If they are wrong, and it does prevent influenza, what is lost? So far, the CDC says 41 kids are dead from H1N1, and the flu season has not yet started.”

The connection between vitamin D and lower incidence of flu has attracted attention — to the point where federal health officials in both the United States and Canada are paying attention.

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