We Are Sunshine

HEADLINE STORY: Big Dermatology is both sexist and non-scientific in one mere sentence.

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

MAY 13, 2009 — “The increase incidence of melanoma in men may be explained in part by the greater number of outdoor activities, both work-related and recreational, that men perform in comparison to women.”

2009-05-13-weak-copy.jpg— Florida dermatologist Jerry Lugo, in a special article May 11 in The Naples Daily News, passing off personal speculation as fact in trying to rationalize why melanoma is more common in men than in women and why melanoma mortality is higher in men than in women. What’s wrong with Lugo’s statement: There’s no real data to suggest that men have more outdoor sun exposure as compared to women — that’s mere speculation.

Lugo continues, “The disparity in mortality from melanoma may be more difficult to explain, but experts believe it is partially a consequence of sex differences in melanoma knowledge, awareness and prevention practices. Recent studies have confirmed that men as compared to women have limited awareness of melanoma early warning signs, as well as the practice of skin self-examination.”

All of which is, again, baseless speculation which begs the question: Why is an estimated 90 percent of Big Dermatology’s messaging about melanoma aimed at women instead of men?

Our answer: “Experts believe that Big Dermatology — whose fastest-growing and most-profitable procedures are cosmetic procedures such as botox injections aimed at young women — would rather drive women who purchase cosmetic procedures into their businesses than actually direct their most important public health message at the group that actually should be seeing it.”

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