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HEADLINE STORY: Could Vitamin D Help in a Swine Flu pandemic?

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

As public health officials prepare for what some feel could be a potential outbreak of swine flu in North America, at least some vitamin D researchers are speculating that people who are deficient in ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ might be at higher risk should the flu virus spread.

2009-04-27-d-and-swine-flu-copy.jpgAlthough there is no direct research on vitamin D and swine flu, some are speculating that vitamin D could be helpful because there is reason to believe that vitamin D deficient people are more susceptible to pneumonia — which is believed to be the cause of death for those who have contracted swine flu. For those who don’t develop pneumonia, swine flu symptoms can be similar to ordinary flu.

The independent Vitamin D Council has a section on its web site related to research showing The Sunshine Vitamin’s connection with reduced flu and infection incidence. Click here for more information.

“While there is no exact evidence on this subject, this is one more reason vitamin D sufficiency may be important,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “It just makes good sense for people to avoid vitamin D deficiency.”