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HEADLINE STORY: Dermatology is one of the most profitable medical professions

Friday, December 4th, 2009

DEC. 4, 2009 — The number of cosmetic dermatologists in the United States is on the rise — driven by high profits from cosmetic services, low medical liability insurance costs and consumers whose appetite for botox injections and other cosmetic services remains strong.

2009-12-04-profit-driven-docs-copy.jpg“Dermatologists continue to use fear-based marketing to drive young women into their offices,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “Those young women purchase cosmetic dermatology services, which is why dermatology drives its marketing messages to that age group. Nationwide, the number of clinical dermatologists has increased three-fold since the early 1970s — doubling the pace of population growth.”

A poll this month revealed that 67 percent of Smart Tan members report the number of dermatologists in their communities has increased in the past five years. Only 11 percent say that number has gone down.