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HEADLINE STORY: Dr. Joseph Mercola takes on the purveyors of Sun Scare

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

NOV. 23, 2009 — One of the internet’s most popular health gurus is taking a hard swing at the purveyors of Sun Scare for causing vitamin D deficiency while defending the concept of regular UV exposure as a healthy activity.

2009-11-23-dark-deception-copy.jpgDr. Joseph Mercola, founder of, accuses sunscreen manufacturers of hiding the truth about vitamin D so they can sell more of their product. “Well, they’ve done it again,” Mercola says. “Your government, so called “experts” in the health community, and certain product manufacturers have literally kept you in the dark when it comes to your health. They’ve done it primarily because they don’t stand to earn one single dime by you knowing the truth. And if you’re familiar with my work at all, you know I’m not afraid to yank the covers off the corporate moneymakers — and shed revealing light on their devious deceptions. This time they’re keeping the very serious health risks of vitamin D deficiency from you.”

Mercola’s story is promoting his book, “Dark Deception” which examines vitamin D from sunlight and the money-driven effort to keep you out of the sun.

“The saddest truth of all is that there is absolutely no reason in the world anyone should suffer from a lack of vitamin D — when the remedy is as simple as spending just a little time outdoors,” Mercola writes. “Which leads me to this unbelievable fabrication: The Myth of the ‘Deadly Sun.’ The sun, nature’s greatest source of life-giving power, has been demonized into a great ball of evil fire just waiting to take the life of some unsuspecting and unprotected person. This kind of careless propaganda, spread primarily through the media, could not be any further from the truth.”

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