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HEADLINE STORY: Minnesota dermatologist takes sun scare over the top in news story

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

“‘Keep sunscreen next to the door so you don’t forget to put it on’ even if you’re just going out for a minute” — Minnesota dermatologist Dr. Michelle Lewis, as quoted in The Red Wing Republican Eagle in a story headlined, “Follow mom’s advice: avoid exposure to sun” published this week.

The story also stated, “As for golfers, she encourages wearing two gloves, not just one.”

2009-07-29-minnesota-dermatologist-copy.jpgWhat’s wrong with Lewis’ statement? Telling people to wear sunscreen on occasions when sunburn isn’t a possibility is technically mis-branding the product, because sunscreen is really only designed to prevent sunburn. What’s more, telling people to wear sunscreen 365/24 is causing vitamin D deficiency.

“Dermatologists continue to say that it’s possible to get sufficient vitamin D with diet and unnatural supplementation, but have yet to show any reseach showing how populations have achieved that to the same level as they would get with regular, natural sun exposure,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “Lewis statements go too far.”

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