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HEADLINE STORY: Professional indoor tanning community teaches sunburn prevention more effectively than ‘sun scare’ dermatologists

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

JULY 22, 2009 — The professional indoor tanning community has solidified its position at the forefront in educating people how to successfully avoid sunburn over the course of one’s life, Smart Tan surveys this summer suggest.

2009-07-22-dermatology-burns-copy.jpgWhile the dermatology community continues to express frustration and failure at its inability to convince people to wear sunscreen year-round, studies of indoor tanners have shown consistently that indoor tanning customers once they begin tanning in a professional salon, are less likely to sunburn than they were before they started tanning.

Studies have also shown that indoor tanners are less likely to sunburn outdoors than are non-tanners.

Consider, in recent years sunburn incidence in the general population has been steadily increasing while sunscreen usage has been declining. And according to the American Academy of Dermatology, the sub-group most likely to sunburn is older men. In contrast, sunscreen usage outdoors among indoor tanners is increasing.

And this month a Smart Tan survey revealed that 5 of 6 indoor tanning operators believe that their tanning clients sunburned less often during the early July North American holidays than did non-tanners.

“Every poll ever conducted on this topic — of tanners and non-tanners and of tanning facility operators — shows that tanners sunburn less often than do non-tanners,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “This result re-affirms that belief.”

Having a suntan is the body’s natural protection against sunburn, as melanin serves to protect skin cells from sunburn by natural design. People with tans who use sunscreen outdoors actually multiply the effectiveness of the sunscreen in preventing sunburn as compared to non-tanners who use sunscreen.

“Those who contend that base tans aren’t protective against sunburn are denying biology and are ignoring what is really happening outside,” Levy said. “Base tans make sunscreen 3-4 times more effective at preventing sunburn. Base tans work.”

In the war against sunburn, tanning salons are part of the solution. Those who abstain from sun exposure completely are more likely to sunburn when they inevitably do go outdoors, even if they attempt to wear sunscreen.