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HEADLINE STORY: ‘Sun Scare’ called out in prominent broadcast

Monday, September 14th, 2009

SEPT. 15, 2009 — A former newspaper reporter turned environmental advocate produced a statewide radio commentary in Minnesota Friday pointing out that “Sun Scare” and daily sunscreen usage is a scam — one of the first main-stream broadcasts of Smart Tan’s position.

2009-09-14-sun-scare-beware-copy.jpg“All winter long, we complain about our dry, pasty skin and the necessity of wearing three or four layers of clothing. So why, when the warmth of late spring finally returns, do we insist on additional clothes and a thick layer of sunblock every time we venture outside?” said Chuck Laszewski, communications director at the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy and a former reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota’s capital city newspaper. “To our well-founded fear of freezing to death in winter, we’ve added a nearly hysterical fear of dying from the sun in summer. Now, new research published in August indicates that Americans have once again overreacted. Turns out we are hurting our children — by not getting them enough sun. That’s right: Research shows we shouldn’t be slathering on all that sunscreen, or covering our kids with long-sleeved shirts and pants when they go outside to play.”

Laszewski cited research just published in the journal Pediatrics pointing out that 9 percent of children are vitamin D deficient and another 61 percent are are “insufficient” — a term the vitamin D research community believes should be abolished because insufficiency is the same as deficiency.

“The fact is, 77 percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient according to the government’s own data,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “Journalists are starting to do the math. And it’s Smart Tan’s plan to help them complete the equation.”

Smart Tan will unveil a complete pro-active campaign, including the first-ever “offensive” strategy, at Smart Tan Downtown: Smart Tan’s 14th Annual Convention and Trade Show Oct. 9-11 in Downtown Nashville. The campaign includes elements that can be incorporated into individual salons and communities.

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