We Are Sunshine

HEADLINE STORY: Two cancer watchdog groups promoting sensible sun exposure

Monday, October 19th, 2009

OCT. 19, 2009 — Two cancer-watchdog web sites — and — have published a story titled “The Vitamin D difference” that points out that sensible sun exposure is the only natural way to make natural vitamin D levels.

2009-10-19-more-sunny-d-copy.jpg“Plain old vitamin D might finally be ready for its day in the sun. New research is shedding light on the leading role that this vitamin may play in preventing cancer and in keeping tumors in check,” the story reports. “Vitamin D isn’t technically a vitamin, since it’s produced in the body as a result of exposure to sunlight (“vitamins” are essential to life but by definition can be obtained only outside the body, through diet or supplements). It’s only when we don’t get enough sun that our bodies don’t make enough vitamin D and we need to get it from other sources. But while one of those sources, milk, is fortified with enough vitamin D to prevent the bone disease rickets in children, dietary sources  — even a multivitamin — don’t provide nearly enough D to help prevent cancer, many scientists now say.”

The story looks into research from several sources and is an excellent review article of how strong the Sunshine Vitamin — anti-cancer connection now stands. To read the story click here.