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Health Editor: Sunscreen Mis-use Kills

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010


A leading health education editor is spreading the word that the chemical sunscreen industry — in promoting over-use of its product — is killing thousands of people by stoking vitamin D deficiency and denying nature.

“Sun block was created to prevent sunburn. And because it was effective in doing so, it caught on. So strongly in fact that it soon became a billion dollar industry,” writes Starr Daubenmire, a contributing editor for Natural Health Dossier, an on-line health education newsletter. “With all those millions in profits, sun block makers funded studies. And those studies show a positive correlation between repeated sunburns and two non-lethal forms of skin cancer: basal cell and squamous cancers. But none of these studies proved that the sun was the leading culprit in basal cell and squamous cancers. And none of them detected any relationship between sunburn and melanoma, which is the one cancer that kills.

Daubenmire continued, “Melanoma often appears between the toes and in other areas of the body where ‘the sun never shines.’ If the sun were the leading cause of skin cancer, how could that be? The studies that were funded by the sun block companies never bothered to answer these questions. Instead they lobbied the government to spread the word that the best way to prevent all forms of skin cancer (including melanoma) was to use sun block. And so the myth was born!”

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