We Are Sunshine

How Do You Answer Questions About Tanning?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Getting your staff to become ambassadors of smart tanning is part of the future of the professional indoor tanning market. That’s why Smart Tan’s Tanning Truth Certification teaches you and your staff the best way to answer some of the most common questions raised about indoor tanning.


One such question — “Does tanning cause skin cancer?” — can be answered by understanding points raised in the TanningTruth certification course. To best answer this question, you need to be able to distinguish the difference between tanning (a natural body process) and overexposure to sunlight, (sunburn and repeated sunburn) which is a different thing altogether. Consider:

  • Tanning is the process of skin cells turning brown to protect themselves from sunburn. It’s natural. No part of this process is involved in the development of skin cancer.
  • Skin cancer seems to be associated with overexposure to UV light. (Not exposure — overexposure). And that is different from tanning. We aren’t in the business of offering sunburn and overexposure. We offer moderate tans and teach our clients to avoid sunburn outdoors.
  • It’s wrong to just say that UV light damages your skin. To say that ‘UV light damages your skin, and therefore you should avoid sunlight’ is like saying that ‘Water causes drowning, and therefore you should avoid water.’ You need water to live, and you need UV light and sunlight to live.
  • We would all be dead without regular sun exposure. Don’t forget that.

To find out more about Smart Tan’s TanningTruth Certification course for you and your staff, call your Smart Tan member services representative at 800-652-3269.