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How Red Light Therapy Devices Measure Up

Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

Though our industry has been utilizing red-light therapy devices for a while, the advancement in high-output LED red light therapy units is teaching us that there’s a lot more to red light therapy than simply putting a user under the lights for a set period of time. Many salon owners and customers have undoubtedly enjoyed the experience and results from low-pressure, low-output red light devices, but they also probably haven’t understood how much better red light therapy done the right way can be. Anybody who has experienced high-output LED red light technology now knows there’s a world of difference. And today we understand why.

First, we know that red and near-infrared light are low-energy wavelengths that pass through skin and tissue easily as a result of this low energy. We’ve also learned that the most effective therapy wavelengths of therapeutic red light are 635nm and 850nm, but we need a lot of it to experience the amazing results that can be achieved with red light therapy. And, to get the most effective treatment possible, we need to get the light as close to the targeted areas as possible. Why? Because red and near-infrared light diminish quickly with distance.

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