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How the Immune System Relies on Vitamin D

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

From GrassrootsHealth

What is Vitamin D Good For? (Part 9: Immune Health) – Vitamin D is needed by virtually every cell in the body, and is essential for hundreds of processes each and every day

The multiple important roles that vitamin D plays in immune function have been a major focus over the past year, especially in relation to COVID-19. As part of our What is Vitamin D Good For? series, this post will attempt to summarize those roles to clearly show how the immune system relies on vitamin D to function properly. Because vitamin D acts as a protector and regulator of all cell types, tissues, and organs, it is required for the proper functioning of each system of the body to help keep us healthy. This is especially true for our immune system, since vitamin D has specific regulatory effects on immune cells and inflammation.

So far, we have covered how vitamin D contributes to the health of the musculoskeletal systemdermatological systemreproductive systemrespiratory systemcardiovascular systemdigestive system, and to cancer prevention and cognitive and mental-emotional wellness. A deficit in vitamin D can lead to impairment or disease in each of these systems – from brittle bones to heart disease, cancer and dementia. With this in mind, why take a chance at being deficient in vitamin D?

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