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Improve Your Point-of-Purchase Experience

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

Point-of-purchase (PoP) refers to a moment in time when a customer can complete a transaction with your salon, whether it’s booking an appointment, paying for products, purchasing memberships, checking in for a tanning session, or a combination of services. If you’re looking to improve your overall point-of-purchase experience for your tanning salon or modify your offerings to include a mix of opportunities for your customers, TanTrack can offer many solutions that are easy to use, intuitive, and cost-saving. Here are our top three ways TanTrack can improve your tanning salon’s PoP experience. 

TanTrack is an All-in-One System for Easy Check-Ins

TanTrack tanning salon software is an all-in-one software system that was designed by tanning industry professionals to provide a robust, yet easy-to-use system that is everything salon owners need to run their businesses. The software is a hub for all customer information, allowing you to keep track of memberships, birthdays, and everything in between, without having to open a million different windows, tabs, or pop-ups. Having this data easily accessible by salon staff allows the customer check-in process to be fast and smooth, making it easy to process sales in as little as one minute, and check-in customers in under 2 minutes!

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